Jonas Fan Of The Month - June 2010

How I discovered the Jonas Brothers:
I discovered the Jonas Brothers on an episode of Zoey 101. I remember the moment vividly. I could hear a group saying the name "Mandy" continuously. They sounded cool. I didn't think i would be able to find them again, but they appeared on TRL and Disney Channel!! Since then, i have been an honorary fan.

Favorite song by the Jonas Brothers:
My favorite song is a tossup. Its between "When You Look Me in the Eyes", "Can't Have You". I like them because they both convey the same message, just in a different manner. "When You Look Me in the Eyes" is a song that expresses a this certain person's feelings from the bottom of their heart. The boys did a great job of explaining that feeling when you look into that persons eyes. You feel safe, loved, and, most importantly, it feels right. "Can't Have You" explains how much they love each other and how unbearable life would be without them. There would be nothing to live for without that person you love. Both songs convey a very passionate message on a personal level and that's why i feel moved by these songs.

Why I love the Jonas Brothers:
I love them for multiple reasons. 1) Their music makes me jump out of my seat and sing, no matter what song it is. 2) They are very inspirational people. They are rely on God for all of their hard times and just in general to keep them safe. Church is important to me and it's nice to finally see someone stay up to par on their promises and their religion to stay true to themselves. 3) The love their family. Family is a key factor in my life. I love my family more than anything in the world and its nice to share that quality with such an understanding group of individuals. Family is their foundation and their saving grace. They rely on their family to keep them humble and down to earth. If only everyone were like this, then the place we live in would be a better overall social environment.

Why I Should Be Fan of the Month:
I should be fan of the month because I'm a devoted fan. Not only have I been there since the beginning, but I will continue to be there. With my OJD, there is never a maximum. I can only keep going up and up with my obsessive Jonas Disorder. Whatever makes them happy, makes me happy. Wherever they go, I go. If they need support, you got it. I'm there. "I will be there forever...I will not disappoint you. I will be right there for you 'til the end, the end of time." My blessings never stop for them and I will forever be an honorary Jonas Brothers Fan :) 

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