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It’s not often that we hear from the Bonus Jonas. But today Frankie hopped on Mr. Jonas’ twitter (@papajonas) and replied to fans for about 30 minutes and answered more than 40 questions. Since it might be difficult to find the question asked, we compiled the list of questions and responses here. Frankie answered some great questions. Enjoy!
@Sophiejonas_xx How was the London Eye? Did you enjoy it? Great. Really enjoyed it.

@alliegradyx3 What’s your favorite color? Red

@heythisisvitt Which of your brothers is the noisiest? That would be Kevin.

@josephJteam How is your band coming along Frankie? Good.

@callmelau what’s your favorite TV shot? SyFy channel

@flexedjbmuscles What’s your favorite think about being on tour with your brothers? Getting to see new places

@renatameyer What do you think about your fans? I think they are awesome.

@jonasaddict11 Do you watch Elivs for Nick when Nick’s gone? Sometimes

@xamazedbyjonas What’s your favorite game? That would be Madden 10.

@ JemiForeverBabe Did you have fun on the set of Camp Rock 2? I had tons of fun with cast and met new people.

@valeysalero Have you ever been to Italy? Yes I have and it was fun, especially Rome.

@iamjuliee what do you think about Nick in Les Miserables? I love it. I am very proud of him. I can’t wait.

@nubiia18 you wanna appear in Jonas LA? Yes I Do.

@itsnaatimorales What’s your favorite number? 10.

@cantcantbetamed Ninjas or chocolate? Ninjas.

@larajns What is your biggest dream? To have superpowers

@erinxbelieve Favorite place in the world? Rome

@Anie94 What’s your favorite food? Pizza

@sarahpop How hard is it being the coolest Jonas Brother? It must be hard for your brothers. hahaha. No its not.

@itscarlienicole what’s your favorite cartoon?  Phineas and Ferb.

@teamjonascanada What do you think of Toronto, Canada? I love it there. I had some great laughs.

@niickyjjay are you excited for us to see you on Camp Rock 2? Yes. I am really excited.

@stephkmusic How’s your life so far? Amazing!

@samanthaNJonas What’s your favorite thing to do in your free time? Play video games and Parcore (sp?)

@itsgloria Which instrument do you prefer playing? Drums

@adorebieberswag would you rather live under water or on the moon? On the moon.

@jonasisourlife What’s your nickname? Frank the tank.

@xTeamNickJ What do you wanna be when you grow up? A comedian

@xshannonxjonasx What’s your favorite animal?  Eagle

@thisisnaatu Summer, Winter, Fall or Spring? Winter

@Whoithoughtiwas if you and your brothers did an action movie together who would play the bad guy? Me.

@viviannemaria Please tell me what you like reading.  Comic books.

@nickjsguitar do you like Italian food? Yes. My favorite is pasta.

@tinapedersen16 Would you ever consider to do a live chat for your fans? Yes.

@myonlyglow Mountain or beach? Beach

@xK2superstar do you like waffles? Yes. Love them.

@itssonicholas What’s your favorite game on the Nintendo DS? Mario Kart

@marceliciousMS Have you already seen Toy Story 3? Not yet. Really excited to see it.

@morganluvsJB Do you like being called the Bonus Jonas? Yes. It just fits.

@TSLILUSH linked to a drawing  That is so awesome!

@sondsmom what’s your favorite comic book villain?  Dr. Doom

@gintarella Favorite song from Jonas LA album?  My favorite song from the Jonas LA CD is Drive.

@chloejonasfyffe did you enjoy Kevin and Danielle’s wedding? Yes, I loved it.

@malensitaa Which of the Power Rangers do you like more? Red one.

Jonas Brothers behind the scenes at Friends for Change w/Jake & Ernie D from Radio Disney.
Not sure why Radio Disney released this now….this is part of an interview from earlier in the year when Joe and Demi performed Make a Wave in Florida.
Song You Need To Know: Jonas Brothers, ‘Chillin’ In The Summertime’
Last week we hipped you all to what is nominally a Joe Jonas solo track, “Make It Right” — an introspective ballad from the soundtrack to the Jonas Brothers’ new show, “Jonas L.A.” We also hipped you to the awesome “Feelin’ Alive.” And today we bring you another cut from that same album — the full-band workout, “Chillin’ In The Summertime.”

Call me crazy, but “Chillin’ ” sort of has a ’90s R&B feel. When Joe Jonas walks the verse up to the chorus, singing, “I don’t want to fuss and fight, no,” I swear he sound like the lost member of Color Me Badd! And that’s a very good thing.

“Chillin’ ” as you might expect from its title, is an absolute ray of sunshine, extolling the virtues of a carefree summer, getting your kicks from the radio and living it up when the temperature is high.

Check out the song
 here. “Jonas L.A.” premieres June 20 on the Disney Channel.

Note: They mixed up which part Nick and Joe sing (Nick sings the verse, Joe sings the chorus), but we forgive them since Nick’s voice seems to be continually changing these days.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to ask Jonas Brothers the questions every fan wants to know, like a real reporter? Now’s your chance to show off your skills and interview the Jonas Brothers at their show in Dallas, Texas July 27th for Team Jonas and Tiger Beat!

Create a maximum 3-minute mock video of yourself as a reporter at a Jonas Brothers show. Be creative; show us how you would cover the show, and what information you would make sure all the fans got to hear, directly from the Jonas Brothers.

The video must include three interview questions and display why you would make a great reporter for the Dallas Show. This contest ends July 1, 2010. Get started today, and good luck!
 Click here for rules and more information.
The recording from yesterday’s livechat has been made available on Cambio’s website. If you didn’t watch it last night, check it out under!
MQ – Nick meeting fans after Les Mis rehearsals – 06/18 – Credit It's A Jonas Life
MQ – Nick meeting fans after Les Mis rehearsals – 06/18
24 New Pictures! Click On The Picture To See Them All!

MQ – Joe at Maun Stadium in Bostwana – 06/16 – Credit It's A Jonas Life
MQ – Joe at Maun Stadium in Bostwana – 06/16
50 New Pictures! Click On The Picture To See Them All!
What a great guy!

Nick Jonas spent another hour with his fans who waited for him to finish up rehearsals for Les Miserables in London on Friday evening (June 18).

The 17-year-old actor/musician took time out earlier last month to chat with us about the famous getting pushed in a lake incident by Camp Rock 2 costar Chloe Bridges.

Nick shared, “We shot that scene 6:30 in the morning so we started our day pretty early. It was the first scene of the day. Probably the sixth or seventh day of shooting and it was cold, very cold day. Started filming in September in Toronto, it gets to be around 40 degrees there in the morning.

“So we’re filming on the lake and I was wearing a wetsuit underneath my clothes so I could stay a little warm cause I was just suppose to start walking up to the rocks but then at one point, she’s suppose to put her hand on my shoulder. And she did it but she did it with some force and pushed me into the lake. I was wearing a life jacket so I didn’t go completely under but it was just that initial shock.

“First of all the water being so cold and not knowing that was gonna happen. I just embraced it and sat there for like 2 seconds like this is the worse in the entire world. She felt terrible and I held it over her head the whole time we shot.”

Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam hits TVs on Friday, September 3rd on Disney Channel.

Hey everyone,
Set your clocks to watch the SEASON PREMIERE of JONAS L.A. & Part 2 of Sonny With A Chance “Falling For The Falls.”
It’s a huge Sunday night of TV. Gather your friends and be sure to watch!
Plus – Selena’s new video will be on too!
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