Jasmine Taverick

Ok, so I live near Dallas, and I was out with my mom and we stopped somewhere to get gas, and Nick, Joe and Denise were at the convenience store getting gas!! So I like freaked out and finally went up to them to say hi and stuff and get their autograph and I completely embarrassed myself... Ugh it was horrible, haha.

I asked them for their autographs and said I was sorry to bother them but I was a big fan, and they were really nice about it and said it was no problem. And then I said, "I can't believe I'm meeting you guys! Man, I wish Kevin was here too, but obviously he's probably, um really busy right now." [[none]] of course then it dawned on me what I'd implied when Joe started laughing really hard. I was soooo embarrassed! Nick got really uncomfortable but I could tell he was holding back his laughter... I was too embarrassed to look at Denise, omg... IT WAS SO BAD!! [[laugh]]

But hey, at least I got a funny story about them?? haha.

Ugh I'm still blushing thinking about it...
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