Jonas Brothers ride second season on TV to L.A.
By Rick Bentley

TARZANA — A retirement age crowd of well-heeled gawkers packs a balcony at the Braemar Country Club, straining for a peek at the three young men who’ve shut down the links for the day.

Joe, Kevin and Nick Jonas–better known as The Jonas Brothers–are filming an episode for the second season of their Disney Channel series “Jonas: L.A.” Season One was shot on a soundstage, but this season, scheduled to start 8:30 p.m. Sunday, is being filmed on location in and around Los Angeles.

The premise is the guys have moved to L.A., where Joe gets a role in a movie and Kevin shadows a famous director. Nick takes up surfing and writes songs for the new “Jonas” album.

This episode has the Brothers tricked into a golf challenge. Security is so tight that only a small group of journalists have been allowed on the course.

“The chance to shoot the series on location has really helped us this year,” says Nick after driving a half dozen golf balls off the tee for the cameras. “Working on a soundstage was a learning experience, but to be in a real environment really helps us.”

Except for Nick, who started performing on Broadway when he was 7, the New Jersey natives have far more experience playing music than acting. They started touring in 2005, opening for Kelly Clarkson, Jesse McCartney and the Backstreet Boys.

They’d only appeared on an episode of “Hannah Montana” and in the Disney Channel’s “Camp Rock” movie before landing the TV series.

Besides the acting experience, there’s definitely an upside to this location.

“What a lot of people call work, we just call fun.” Nick says. “We’re all big golfers — not that we’re any good — but we all like to go out and play.”

During breaks in filming, the brothers chat with club employees and work on their swings. Joe isn’t part of the golf story line, but he’s there anyway. He’ll be part of another scene, playing football with his brothers, late in the day.

If it’s all starting to sound like a PG version of a certain HBO show, the comparison’s not lost on Kevin.

“I think the show now has that ‘Entourage’ vibe, which is so cool. We’re all big fans of that show. To get ready to shoot this season, I watched all of the seasons again,” he says. He grins, acknowledging the language and situations in “Entourage” are not exactly Disney material.

On a personal level, this season’s different for Kevin because he married Danielle Deleasa in December. TV and music obligations make it hard to stay home in Texas much.

“We find time to be together on the weekends and she will visit me on set. But we know this is not just a TV show. It’s about fan longevity and that, for us, is really important,” Kevin says. “Me, Joe and Nick have a drive and, hopefully, a strong work ethic so that we just don’t see the moment but we see the future of it.”

The brothers say they enjoy acting but music remains their passion, and they can’t wait for filming to be done so they can go on tour. They don’t have long to wait.

The Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato are scheduled to perform at the Save Mart Center Sept. 21 as part of a nationwide tour that starts July 27 in Dallas.

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